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Villa Belvedere care about environment

We produce our own energy

Induction system to cook
Our energy comes from electricity. Fossil fuel energy isn’t used at all in our building.

Hot water is heated thanks to the use of solar panels. In all the water pipes we have the filters to reduce the quantity of water used.

Heating System
During winter, wood (some also coming from our garden) is used for room heating.

We try to do our best with small actions, that we think, however, they could help preserve the world

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live”

Dalai Lama


» We offer bottled mineral water for free however we recommended you, to drink tap water, which is good as well
» To collect it from the tap, you can use the bottle we have provided you with, which is in the fridge; this will help us reduce the plastic waste
» We offer shampoo/body wash/soap with dispensers to avoid the plastic/paper of the single-use products
» However, you can find some single-use products in case you need it


» Our garden is one of the biggest of our urban area, it hosts many birds’ nests
» This helps us keep mosquitos under control
» In winter we also feed them as they are welcomed in our garden
» You are likely to be awakened by birdsongs

Next steps

We know we have to improve continuously, so we are thinking to:
» Collect rain water to use for the garden
» To install electricity power in the garden to charge cars batteries
» We also like to receive comments from our guests, to have new idea that, we will carefully evaluate