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Jazzit Fest - Free Jazz Festival - Best B&B between Pompeii and Sorrento

Partners of JAZZIT Fest in Pompeii

Villa Belvedere is among the partners of JAZZIT FEST and will host some of the most prestigious jazz artists in the world over the duration of the Festival.

Jazzit Fest - Free Jazz Festival - Best B&B between Pompeii and Sorrento

Over three days: 28-29 June, a free program of over one hundred concerts, conferences, seminars, recordings and music workshops for children, for the disabled and for the elderly will be staged.

The Jazzit Fest, born in 2013 took place for three years within the small medieval village of Collescipoli (TR). Starting from 2016 the festival becomes itinerant and will move each year to a different region of Italy. The festival was created to encourage a meeting and confrontation between the Italian jazz community. The strength of the project is the charter of values and the code of ethics: the event is carried out without any environmental impact, with innovative management based on crowdfunding, favoring widespread hospitality and adopting an open source art direction. Due to these characteristics, the festival was reported as a European good practice and obtained UNESCO honorary patronage.

“We have enjoyed our partnership of the JAZZIT FEST and are proud to be a part of such a growing organization that focuses on improving Pompeii both locally and globally. This partnership allows us to be a part of the organization and improve our community.”

If you like Jazz and want to reserve a room, we have special promotional rates.