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Ceremonies bring families together

If you want that feel of a more personal, a more intimate ceremony experience with the feel and comforts of home, none does so as well as Villa Belvedere.

We will provide Mediterranean style and minimalistic design to your big day, all with a family-friendly atmosphere and delightfully comforting elegance.
If you love the spirit and romance of Italy, you will fall in love with our intimate and luxurious suites and mini-apartments. Villa Belvedere is perfect for either a smaller wedding or for housing just your wedding party once your remaining guests depart.

A simple luxury for dream weddings

When you think of simple luxury, you should be thinking of a place that expertly combines modern elegance and a truly intimate, comforts-of-home feel.

Our experienced staff not only will follow step by step the newlyweds’ decisions about the restaurant and will also advise regarding the florists, the photographers, the musicians, the wedding planners and regarding all the fundamental things of the ceremonies.

We work for your emotion, to leave special memories inside the guests.

Mediterranean gardens for amazing celebrations

The Mediterranean-style gardens are a perfect, romantic place to exchange vows and host an amazing celebration.

Imagine long tables overflowing with plates of fresh seafood, pasta and bottles of wine, laid out carefully on white tablecloths beneath a thick canopy of trees. As branches bowing low from the weight of flowers and ripe, juicy lemons, you reach up and pluck one of those lemons from just above while your guests revel in the love shared between you or your partner. Swap stories and laughter beneath the thick trees and glistening lights; feel both comfortably at home and transported to a whole new realm of possibilities.